Friday, 1 August 2008

Cookies to Welcome Fakhri!

Winda called me a few months ago with some inquiries on lolly cookies she saw when she visited Baby Adia. She called me again on a late Sunday afternoon, and ordered these lolly cookies to welcome her newborn baby boy, Fakhri. The cookies are for guests to take home as thank you gift, therefore Winda wants Fakhri's name written on them.

I jumped off my seat and run to the kitchen right away as Fakhri was born that morning, so his mum would need the cookies right away! Plus the fact that my family & I were going to go out of town on Tuesday morning, I would need to finish the cookies for Monday delivery.

Gathered the ingredients and utensils while my kids were napping, I worked on the dough and icing, and only stopped for a quick shower and dinner. Luckily my Mum stayed over before our vacation, she helped me taking care of the kids so I could finish the whole 30 cookies right on time to tuck them in their beds. Thanks Mum!!

Started decorating them overnight and only finished at about 2 in the morning, I couldn't do a fancier style (sorry Winda...) and got them all packed and ready by 3 a.m.

Got the cookie jars just before I drove to the hospital, and even wrap and tied the cookie bouquets in front of the new proud parents of beautiful baby Fakhri.
I hope Winda & Agus like the cookies despite the time constrained creation.
Welcome Baby Fakhri!

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