Friday, 13 November 2009

TinkerBell on Pixie Island Cake for Zelli

Izellah is 3
and she wanted TinkerBell cake for her birthday.
Mommy Niella asked me to capture the Pixie Island feel and made green & purple the theme colours.

We decided on 3 tiered cake to cater about 50-70 guests, the bottom is 24cm, middle cake is 18cm, and the top is 14cm, dressed as TinkerBell's tree house.

Thanks Niella for believing in me, you're a wonderful client! Happy Birthday Zelli, hope you like this cake...

Ben10 & Omnitrix Cake for Caitlin

Caitlin is very fond of Ben10 :) so I get him to sit on the Omnitrix for her 3rd birthday cake.
With a touch of purple to soften the boyish colour, ans some glittery dragees on the cake's bottom to spark up the cake.

Disney Princesses Cake for Keira

Five pretty girls for Keira the Birthday Princess :) on her 5th birthday.
With a specific note to include Princess Jasmine in the group, so I put her on the top cake.

The bottom cake is 22cm, the top is 14cm, both premium chocolate with full fondant cover and 98 pink little roses all over.
Why not 100? Well I made more than 100 roses but ran out of space to stick them on :)

Ah, here's Ariel bathing under the waterfall ...
Happy Birthday Keira, and thanks Deci for the chance to create this cake!