Sunday, 4 October 2009

Jack Skellington's Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

Was specially made for a dearest someone who is very fond of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas movie.
Jack's face was drawn with black Royal Icing, plus some details on the side borders featuring the graphic swirls taken from the movie theme.

The cake is a new creation from my kitchen, I would called it Strawberry Noir Velvet :)
Never thought I had to do the slaughtering myself just because the cake owner had no guts! :P

Katherine's 1st Bday Cake

A 2 tiered cake on apple green and white, for Katherine's 1st Birthday with various animals on it. Kath's mom, Lucy asked for whales and duckies, too, so I created this little pond on the top of the cake. Giant duckies, or mini whales?

Special request of fondant lollipops, tucked in around the cake, turned to be the kids fave - including Aaron, Kath's bigger brother and Kath herself!
We had fun at the party, thanks for having us, dear Kath!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Black & White Wedding Anniversary Cupcake

Nicho & Yuliana's wedding party colour theme was B&W, so here comes a cupcake gift in the same colour theme from Indigosix Photography team to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary.


Minicake for souvenir, anywone?

TinkerBell Cake for Kimmy

Ina is a wonderful new client and she asked me to do a TinkerBell cake for Kimmy's 4th birthday but am not sure if can do a slim Tink, because I can only manage an overweight Tink :)

So Ina lent me her Tink figurines from her collection, and it made everything so much easier, and definitely prettier! Thanks Ina!

Y&Y Wed Anniversary Cupcake

Celebration time!
Yuliana & Yulianto's 1st Wedding Anniversary cupcake set, in lime green, pink & brown colour theme as used on their wedding invitation last year.

Snoopy Cupcake

A set of pink & lavender cupcake set with a Snoopy centerpiece, for Julya's sister birthday.