Friday, 1 August 2008

ChocMud Cuppies for Amy

It was Wednesday, our 2nd day at Anyer when I found a text message from my sister, asking if it's too late to ask me to bake some cuppies for her goodfriend Amy's birthday on Friday.
Baking won't take long but me on my holiday mood couldn't work my brain out to get an brilliant idea for the decoration. I told Reny I'll get back to her by Thursday night, whether I could get the cuppies done - or not, when I'm back from our first beach family holiday.

I know I have all the ingredients ready at home, so once we get back and after I bathed the kids, I started working on the kitchen. Were not sure what kind of cake Amy likes, but I decided to treat her with the juiciest choc cake I think no one insane enough to resist :)

Not much on the decoration, was thinking about making some fondant figurines but afraid of running out of energy and time to dry them up, so I picked some Arnott's Tiny Teddy and sprinkle some hearts trimmits as token of love from a good friend, and line the edges with sugar crystals for festive effects.

So glad to hear back from Reny that Amy called and told her she liked the cuppies, she tought they were so cute she display the box on her desk for everyone to see. Then she finally ate them and share them with her colleagues, and said the cuppies were sooo chocolatey and melted in the mouth. they finished them all and forgot to spare one for Amy's husband *oops!!*


wija said...

keren bo!!! ide loe boleh juga tuh

sandra said...

setuju banget, kl waktunya mepet boleh juga nih! Cute!