Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sagu Keju

Turned out quite nicely, it's my 1st time Sagu Keju.
I used Parmesan Cheese instead of Edam, my uncle and aunty likes it, and Papa Cia finished the whole box of it :)
I think I might do the next batch with Cheddar.

Jumbo Goody Bag Cuppies

These bunch of cuppies was another long travelled ones.
Individually packed in clear mica plastic, pink ribbon for the girls and green for the boys. In 4 cardboard boxes, I sent them from Jakarta to Bandung to meet their owner, Kathleen the birthday girl.

Khung Ming is another long lost friend, and I was quite surprised to get his mail commenting on my Doraemon cuppies. He showed my blog to Yuli, his wife who then decided to ordered some for their daughter's birthday goody bag at school.

The special request was for the cakes to be bigger than usual cupcakes, so I had to hunt for a special cups - so lucky I found these alum foil cups that could hold 3 times as much volume as normal cuppies. As the cups are also stronger than paper cups, I was more confident that these jumbo cuppies could travel safely to Bandung.

Kathleen is a big fan of Barbie and Disney Princesses, so the edible of them was a must. The girls' cuppies were dressed in pink poured fondant and star trimmits and crystal sugar.

And some army of boy's fave Ben10 in green.

called me once she got her hands on the cuppies, Cititrans had taken a good care of the 4 boxes, all arrived in perfect condition so Yuli was happy, I was relieved, and I heard that her daughter was also very excited with her Barbies and Princesses!

Cuppies for Mercy's Grandma

Mercy's Grandma turned 87 this September, her family gathered together and celebrated the special occasion in Bandung. Mercy ordered a couple of boxes of cuppies to bring to the party. Luckily the cuppies arrived safely in Bandung.

Hooray for the chocolate ganache for surviving the trip!
Hooray for the pretty strawberries and the juicy oranges, too!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Diamanda's Animal Cuppies

Reny ordered these cuppies for her boss' daughter who is turning 11 on this September 11th. Diamanda is an active girl, she's not too girly, her insterests include surfing & equestrian, and wants to be a vet when she grows up.

I think these animal cuppies are just perfect for her. Sorry I didn't include a horse on this collection, I was worry that a handmade horse could be mistaken for cow :)

Got a help from my cousin Dian in assembling the animals, we had fun and were quite amazed at what we had achieve, I personally adores the puppy. Thanks, Dian! (She created the CCC: cute centerpiece chicken)

Hope you like the cuppies, Diamanda, & Happy Birthday from Aunty Reny!

Bunnies for Maura

Maura turned 3 this September 9th, 2008. She loves Thomas Train ( no I can't do Thomas), Noddy (can not either) and Bunnies (Yes! Can!)

Along came with the white & pink bunnies are carrots and tomatoes for them to feast on.
Soft pink cuppies became very cheerful with some colourful 100&1000's on the edges.

Happy Birthday Maura from Aunty Reny & Uncle Riza...

Friday, 5 September 2008

Schuimpjes: Sugar Babes!

Had a 'Impulsive Baking Syndrome' attack today.
Schuimpjes. Meringues. Marsmallow Candy.
A sugar snack from my childhood, we used to buy it from Abadi Bakery in Bandung. They come in white, pink, green, and light brown. The light brown ones have more flavour, mocca. But the little girl in me couldn't resist the pretty pink and green ones, I thought all those lovely colour would definitely make it taste sweeter. And I still do :)

I made some Cocopandan in pink, and some Mocca & Cashew in light brown.
Looove these little pink army of sugar babes!

(And Cia said: "Hmmm! Hhhhmmm!!")

Monday, 1 September 2008

Bazaar's Cuppies

Made some cuppies for sale in a bazaar help on our apartment compound to celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day.

Some vanilla buttercakes & mud cakes, with fondant figurines and edible images...

Bees & ladybugs & flowers, cherries & strawberries...