Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Nico's 2nd Birthday

Thinking of what to do on Nico's birthday this year has had me going for weeks.
August 20th, 2008, he turned 2.

Finally got to bake him a cake to celebrate with his classmates, and some cuppies from them to take home.
All cake was Choc Mud Cake, covered with whipped cream.

The theme is Little Einstein, one of Nico's favourite TV show, which was chosen after a lengthy discussion between two kids and their Mum. (Nico was wanting Mickey Mouse but he had it last year!). At the end, he was squeaking with glee when he saw the edible, so I believe Little Einstein was the right choice. Thanks to Ina Larizz for making it happen.

The cuppies has Little Eisnteins and Pocoyo and it came in a single cuppie bubble container for friends to take home. They were again topped with whipped cream, and sparkled by some star trimmits, which was a gift from Natalia - thanks!

More cuppies for neighbour friends, and some strawberried ones for the mothers.


Campanas said...

Hi...i love these little einstien cupcakes...are the images edible? I have to make some but i don't like the way they have to be iced flat for the image and these are great...any advise would help.


Cindy said...

Hi Campanas,
Thanks for visiting,

These images yes,they are edible. Printed on sugar paper with food colouring.
What I also like to do is cover the back with white chocolate and stick a toothpick on, then let dry for the images to stand up on the cake.

Campanas said...

thx...i usually do all the cupcakes with edible images "flat" but i'm going to try this to see how mine turn out...

Cindy said...

Goodluck :D