Friday, 21 May 2010

Teddy on Bow Cake & Polkadot Cupcake

Little sweetie Tanya was turning one, her fave toy is a teddy which she brings everywhere ... and her nursery collections is dominated with pink & white polkadot.

So her 1st bday cake & cuppies held the same theme, and it turned out really cute!

Pororo & Crong for Raya

Raya's dad ordered this cake on the very last minute, and his excuse was because he hasn't found anyone who could do the cake.
Oh well... the baker surrendered to the compliment ...

Pocoyo & Friends for Alvaro

Alvaro's 1st birthday and Mama Onin picked Pocoyo for the theme...

Teddy Bear Cake

A gift for a 'forever friend' sister.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Love & Berry cake

Love & Berry cake for Valerie, who is a pink lover and everything in pink is a must :)

Animal Cupcakes

For Aunty with Love

From Angie & Hendri for the beloved Aunty, who's favourite animal is dog, she is a Pices & loves to wear her red woolen scarf...

Tania's Pink & Purple Cupcakes

A Birthday gift from Yeni for her goodfriend, Tania.
Pink, white & shades of purple created a very girlie theme.

Baby Audrey First Month Cuppies

To celebrate Baby Audrey's first full month ...

Shrek Cupcakes

A birthday gift for a Shrek fan from his Princess Fiona :)

Roses & Ribbons

The Birthday girl is not so fond of pink, so Oong asked me to pick some other colour for the cupcakes.
I think the aqua and lavender looks very clean & modern, with a bit of brown for classic touch.

Family Portrait Cake

This is a gift from a loving wife to her husband on his birthday,
with their daughters and son - sharing loves and happiness on Valentine's Day!

Red Roses Cake

A simple thank you gift for a family friend, with a bouquet of red roses on green fondant covered cake...

Tiger Year Cupcakes

To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Tiger ...
With cherry blossom for happiness,
Peach for youth,
and Oranges for abundant wealth ...

Valentine Bunnies

Bunnies on pink cover and red flowers?
Specially for the lovers :)

Under The Sea Cake for Kiva

Kiva's parents loves diving, and Kiva herself is very fond of fish - so her birthday cake theme is Under The Sea ...

Along with some sea creature cupcakes to share with the guests...

Dora & Friends for Gracia

Gracia's 3rd birthday cake held her favourite cartoon characters, Dora & friends
Having running out of space, I had Swiper the Fox peeking fron the tree top.

Baking Stuff Cake

Tara was turning 9, and this surprise mini cake represent her love for baking.
ps. Those are sugar and flour sacks on the back :)

Pororo & Friends

Pororo cake for Annabelle - me trying to get more pics of the whole cake.
Decorated with snowflakes (thanks, Ike!) this cake is sooo stunning, I was rather sad to hand it over to Annabelle's dad....

Family Cuppies

A gift for a lady, with her hubby and sons and flowers ...

Shopping bags & Pinguins

Tamara loves shopping, and she likes penguins - so this is what her friends gave her for birthday ...

Pigeon Lover

The set of cuppie that represents the birthday guy's passions: his family and pigeons! :D

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Brandon's One Month Minicake

This minicakes are thank you gifts from Brandon's parents for their relatives and friends, on Brandon's one month celebration.

The tiger was to represent Brandon's chinese zodiac, and I asked the proud parents if they don't mind using a more modern colour scheme, rather than the classic blue-white for baby boys. I am glad we tried something more fun :)

Hello Kitty Cake for Alicia's 5th Bday

The Hello Kitty theme party for Alicia was decided early, so lucky I had time to think and ordered the dummy foam head.

The body is pink buttercake with blueberry filling, about 15cm tall, in total with its head, this Hello Kitty stood about 30cm tall.

Birthday girl was happy and all smiley, and the pink buttercake gained compliments :)

Farm Cupcake for Zee's 1st Bday

We had to think a bit hard to decide the theme for Zee's 1st Bday cupcake.
Mommy Deci wanted something girlie and fun so finally she picked the animals - and I decided to create a 'farm' for Zee.

Ended up as a very fun project to do, and the outcome is fun, too!

Elephant Cake for Joe

Joe is now 1, he's fave animal is elephant and fave toy is car :)