Monday, 25 August 2008

Doraemon Cuppies

I met Santy years yearrrrss ago , I really meant something about 30 YEARS ago when we both went to the same ballet school. Met her again in the same English course classes, then in High School when she moved from her all girls school to a co-ed St. Aloysius.

Found out just a few months ago that she also bakes & cook, then she found out I also bake. Santy ordered these few cupcakes for the kids to try at home, she wants Doraemon theme. Sounds rather challenging so I agreed, on the base of making the faces only.

So I made the Doraemon faces out of fondant, then painted the whiskers and eyes with melted chocolate. Wasn't a too big fan of Doraemon myself, but I think they're rather cute!

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