Monday, 5 May 2008

Adia : Welcome Baby Girl!

It was around the 3rd week of April. I got a text message from Onin , she wants 20 pieces of lolly cookies to welcome her niece who was due to be born around May 8th - 10th.
The theme is Baby Girl, so I did some samples and emailed them to my first official client.

Onin likes the comical expressions and pastels colours on the samples, and asked me to eliminates the bright colours. Agreed that it was a good idea, I was planning to do the shopping on May 2nd and get ready just in case Baby Adia decides to welcome herself to the world earlier than her parents had expected.
She did!

May 1st, early morning, got another text message from Onin: "I got a new niece, born 6.15 this morning!"

So there went a bit of chaos in my kitchen, sent my assistant to complete my shopping list at the nearby market, baked the cookies in 2 flavours, vanilla butter and chocolate, and I was ready to work with the icing by the time my kids hit their bed for afternoon nap.

It started to get disorganised when I found out that the icing looked funny. Turned out it was donut icing that the seller gave to me instead of icing sugar, so I had to make another batch in 6 different colours. Managed to draw on about 8 cookies, put them back in the oven to dry the icing and this time they all went lumpy and sticky!

I had lost 5 hours due to this icing problem and was to lose several more as I have to bake more cookies to make up the ones that I can't use, not to mention re-doing the icing, and still haven't done any of the decoration.

Despite of the stress, the long hours, and lesson learned the hard way, I am thankful for my husband's full support - he stayed up with me all night, helped me with the labels, served me the fries and burger :)

In the end, the cookies turned out nice and dainty and all finished on time to be handed to a happy customer the next morning.

Welcome Baby Adia ! Thank you Onin for the opportunity given to me, and thank you Adri for your love and support!


Nic-Nic said...

go..go..mbak cindy..

finally you 'beat' the cookies..he..he....

chikieboo said...

cin, cookiesnya cute favorites are the big eyes & the pacifier :)