Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hello Kitty & Mouses Cupcake for Sharon

These mouse & kitty cupcakes were ordered by Devita for her daughter, Sharon's birthday.
Some white mice and the gray-pink mouse ala Ratatouille :)

Mouse & Roses Cupcake for Amanda's Mom

I have known Amanda through the net for more than 10 years, yet the first time we get to meet face to face was when she picked up this birthday set of cupcakes for her Mum.

A set of 16 in peach, pink & white, with lots of roses & hearts, and a mouse to represent her Mum's chinese zodiac.

Ben10 Cake for Davin Adam

This Ben10 cake for Dhani's son Davin Adam is quite a challenge for me. I would consider myself more into the girlie stream - I love all the girlie colours and flowers and all, and I'd spend more time & effort in making cakes of cupcakes for boys. Mati gaya!

However, Ben10 is a rather cute boy , haha... so I was happy to do this project for Davin :) especially because Dhani is a very easy going client, plus I love the green!

DC Superheroes Cupcake

Onin - a good friend and my first client ever, gave me this challenge do to DC Superheroes for the husband Agus, who is a big comic fan.
With regret I have to decline the quest of making these superheroes figurines, afraid of getting sued because of serious mocking of the character *LOL* so instead we agreed on doing just their logos.

With a great help from my own husband, searching, retouching, resizing & printing the logos, I was able to try this 'cut-out' technique that's also new to me, excepts for the Spiderman logo I made out of fondant and royal icing.

Happy bday to Onin's husband & thanks to my husband :)

Minnie Mouse Cake for Kia

was turning one, and Minnie Mouse (ala Playhouse Disney, with pink outfit) was her favourite. Tya asked buttercream - covered cake, so I made Minnie with buttercream transfer technique.
Tya also asked for girlie colours that I also love, so I made the cake as girlie as possible. Flowers, ribbons, and pink dragees plus rose & pink mini sprinkles!

Faces Cupcakes : Julia, Michelle, & Gerrard's

Faces Cupcakes is the hottest trend! :)

In bright cheerful colours for Michelle's Dad's Bday...

In blueish & white gradation for Julia's husband's bday... along with the faces of their siblings & cute baby girl ...

And in pastel colours for Patricia's boy, Gerrard's bday to share with his friends, so here's a bunch of kids on the block's face!

Winnie the Pooh & Friends : Cake & Cupcakes for Willa

Another order from Jessie, for her sister Willa.
Willa loves Winnie the Pooh & friends, so here they are...

My personal fave is Eeyore because of its colour, however I also love Tigger which I finished making in just 1 hour *bragging...!*

Pooh & animals for Willa's cupcakes. I love the penguin :)

Warren's 1 Month Babyboy Cupcake

Warren was turning 1 month old, and we experimenting with more colour than just the plain old blue & white.
So here's a bit of soft yellow and lemon yellow, plus cobalt blue as accents...

Yessy's & Friends Faces

Jessie & friends was celebrating Yessy's birthday, so they'd liked to share some cupcakes with their faces on it!

The lovely pink & aqua colour ...
Plus the figurines of the whole gang!