Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Arum's Animal Cuppies

These cuppies comes in single cases, were made for Arum's 8th birthday on November 11th.
Yun, Arum's mum is an office colleague of Mercy, so she had tried one of the choc premium cuppie when Mercy brought some to her office.

The brief given to me was for the cuppies to have animal figurines on them, lined with colurful 100&1000's t bring up the party mood. So I made some dogs, salmon and blue fish, pandas, butterflies, bees & ladybugs, and some pink bunnies!

Pastel pink base for the girls, baby blue ones for boys.

I do agree that the 100&1000's makes the cuppies looked very festive and merry!
Luckily I still have a bag of these colourfull springkles I got from Australia, as these ones have some green bits, while local ones doesn't.

Hey hey, animal parade!

Roses Anniversary Cake

Our anniversary cake.

With some laces on the side...

Especially loves the roses myself.
5 of them to symbolized those wonderful years we had been through.

YEEAY! *grin*

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Papa's Bday Cake

A surprise birthday cake for Papa on Oct 3rd, 2008.

Vanilla sponge cake with cheese whipped cream filling, and whipped cream cover.
It would be prettier had I had some strawberries, but the market nearby ran out of them, so kiwi & mandarin will have to do.

The writing was white chocolate piped on dark chocolate plate, no room for error but I could do better with bigger plate :)

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Pocoyo & Little Einsteins Cuppies for Borra

These premium chocolate cuppies were ordered by Borra, a neighbour of ours who wanted to gift some sweets for her little friends on Lebaran. Deva, her son is a big fan of Pocoyo & Little Einsteins, so Borra requested these characters edible images to be put on the cuppies.

A pack of 4 cuppies each, and a mix of Pocoyo & Little Einsteins in each, tied with light green ribbon for a bit of Lebaran feel.

Borra told me Deva was a very happy boy, savouring his cuppies for breakfast on the next morning :)

Strawberry Pavlova for Tante Anne

This Australian sweet is something I keep as a treasure in my mind. Only a fade memory for almost 20 years but now I had the gut to actually try to make one.
(I baked some small ones for the bazaar though, and that's how Tante Anne got to know that I can make Pavlova, and hence the big one here.)

A base of meringue cake made of egg whites and superfine sugar you have to meticulously mix and bake for over than one hour, then covered with a generous dollop of cold cream freshly whipped, then topped with sliced fresh fruits - you can use anything - kiwi, banana, mandarin, cherry, and in this case I use the pretty army of fresh strawberries.

Nothing beats the soft milky cold whipped cream and the juiciness of fresh fruits to balance the sweetness of the crispy soft melts in your mouth meringue.

The genius creator of Pavlova.
Looove Pavlove. I mean Pavlova.
Heaven #2.

Lebaran Cuppies for Amie & Heri

These premium chocolate cuppies are the last orders before the fasting month ends.
Heri is a friend back from highschool age, ordered these and some vanilla ones for the last day of fast break at his office. Then Amie ordered some boxes of these as gifts to bring to her families on Lebaran Day.

As both ordered the same kind of cuppies, I made assorted kinds of topping, basically are flavoured whipped creams and different kinds of fruits as a fresh touch to the taste buds.

A home made strawberry jam was mixed with the whipped cream to create a lovely pink - strawberry topping, decorated with pretty red berries.
Some freshly sliced green kiwi fruit to bring out the colour of the light purple blueberry cream.

The rest I decorated with dark chocolate mixed with whipped cram also known as ganache, decorated with canned mandarin oranges, and some of chocolate balls and hand made white chocolate ribbon.

Lebaran Cookies for Ibu Piping

I met Ibu Piping during the Rasuna Bazaar last month, she came with her kids and bought some cookies. Ibu Piping made some inquiries about the cookies back then and a few weeks before Lebaran she called me, wanting some lolly cookies for her children and friends.

Relating to this festive Muslim event, she asked whether the cookies can come in boy and girl shape, wearing muslim outfit. What a fun challenge!

The original girl shaped cookie cutter come in pony tailed hair and shorter dress showing her legs, so at the end I used the same cookie cutter for boy & girl. I added a 'peci' cap and checker
ed sarung
for the boys, then drawed a head scarf and tunic longdress for the girls.

Came in three complimentary pots, each hold 15 stick of cookies, and the rest of the cookies came in cardboard box for Ibu Piping to add to the empty pots later. I was so happy to see that Ibu Piping was so excited when she saw the cookies, exactly met her expectation, she told me.

Hope the cookies hold up well to travel to her children's house safely for Hari Raya Lebaran celebration!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sagu Keju

Turned out quite nicely, it's my 1st time Sagu Keju.
I used Parmesan Cheese instead of Edam, my uncle and aunty likes it, and Papa Cia finished the whole box of it :)
I think I might do the next batch with Cheddar.

Jumbo Goody Bag Cuppies

These bunch of cuppies was another long travelled ones.
Individually packed in clear mica plastic, pink ribbon for the girls and green for the boys. In 4 cardboard boxes, I sent them from Jakarta to Bandung to meet their owner, Kathleen the birthday girl.

Khung Ming is another long lost friend, and I was quite surprised to get his mail commenting on my Doraemon cuppies. He showed my blog to Yuli, his wife who then decided to ordered some for their daughter's birthday goody bag at school.

The special request was for the cakes to be bigger than usual cupcakes, so I had to hunt for a special cups - so lucky I found these alum foil cups that could hold 3 times as much volume as normal cuppies. As the cups are also stronger than paper cups, I was more confident that these jumbo cuppies could travel safely to Bandung.

Kathleen is a big fan of Barbie and Disney Princesses, so the edible of them was a must. The girls' cuppies were dressed in pink poured fondant and star trimmits and crystal sugar.

And some army of boy's fave Ben10 in green.

called me once she got her hands on the cuppies, Cititrans had taken a good care of the 4 boxes, all arrived in perfect condition so Yuli was happy, I was relieved, and I heard that her daughter was also very excited with her Barbies and Princesses!

Cuppies for Mercy's Grandma

Mercy's Grandma turned 87 this September, her family gathered together and celebrated the special occasion in Bandung. Mercy ordered a couple of boxes of cuppies to bring to the party. Luckily the cuppies arrived safely in Bandung.

Hooray for the chocolate ganache for surviving the trip!
Hooray for the pretty strawberries and the juicy oranges, too!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Diamanda's Animal Cuppies

Reny ordered these cuppies for her boss' daughter who is turning 11 on this September 11th. Diamanda is an active girl, she's not too girly, her insterests include surfing & equestrian, and wants to be a vet when she grows up.

I think these animal cuppies are just perfect for her. Sorry I didn't include a horse on this collection, I was worry that a handmade horse could be mistaken for cow :)

Got a help from my cousin Dian in assembling the animals, we had fun and were quite amazed at what we had achieve, I personally adores the puppy. Thanks, Dian! (She created the CCC: cute centerpiece chicken)

Hope you like the cuppies, Diamanda, & Happy Birthday from Aunty Reny!

Bunnies for Maura

Maura turned 3 this September 9th, 2008. She loves Thomas Train ( no I can't do Thomas), Noddy (can not either) and Bunnies (Yes! Can!)

Along came with the white & pink bunnies are carrots and tomatoes for them to feast on.
Soft pink cuppies became very cheerful with some colourful 100&1000's on the edges.

Happy Birthday Maura from Aunty Reny & Uncle Riza...

Friday, 5 September 2008

Schuimpjes: Sugar Babes!

Had a 'Impulsive Baking Syndrome' attack today.
Schuimpjes. Meringues. Marsmallow Candy.
A sugar snack from my childhood, we used to buy it from Abadi Bakery in Bandung. They come in white, pink, green, and light brown. The light brown ones have more flavour, mocca. But the little girl in me couldn't resist the pretty pink and green ones, I thought all those lovely colour would definitely make it taste sweeter. And I still do :)

I made some Cocopandan in pink, and some Mocca & Cashew in light brown.
Looove these little pink army of sugar babes!

(And Cia said: "Hmmm! Hhhhmmm!!")

Monday, 1 September 2008

Bazaar's Cuppies

Made some cuppies for sale in a bazaar help on our apartment compound to celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day.

Some vanilla buttercakes & mud cakes, with fondant figurines and edible images...

Bees & ladybugs & flowers, cherries & strawberries...

Monday, 25 August 2008

Nicholas' Elmo Birthday Cake

My only 2nd attempt in assembling a birthday cake.
Nico is a big fan of Sesame Street's Elmo, he would say "Emmo! Emmo!" each time he watch his favourite character on TV. So with helps from my sister and my assistant, we made this Elmo birthday cake for Nicholas' 2nd party in Bandung with our relatives and friends.

The cake was classic vanilla sponge cake, with cheese whipped cream filling as per Nico's Papa request, and covered with whipped cream and buttercream for Elmo's face, and some strawberries on the side. Just before the candle blowing, Cia helped me putting on some star trimmits on the cream.

The fur on Elmo's face was done with the help of 'grass' piping tip, and the eyes were melted chocolate. Lettering was made of fondant, an unwise choice to match with whipped cream as fondant can not stay well with the condensation on the chilled cake so it became runny and I have to support it with toothpick.

Baby Ayla Cuppies

Only last week we had a chance to visit my best friend Leila & Kus who had their first baby 2 months ago. A cute chubby baby Ayla!

Brought them a box of cuppies with soft salmon colour whipped cream, the cake was again chocolate mud cake as Leila loves dark chocolate. The writing was made of melted dark chocolate, a small baby face made of fondant, and some heart trimmits to make them a bit prettier.

Doraemon Cuppies

I met Santy years yearrrrss ago , I really meant something about 30 YEARS ago when we both went to the same ballet school. Met her again in the same English course classes, then in High School when she moved from her all girls school to a co-ed St. Aloysius.

Found out just a few months ago that she also bakes & cook, then she found out I also bake. Santy ordered these few cupcakes for the kids to try at home, she wants Doraemon theme. Sounds rather challenging so I agreed, on the base of making the faces only.

So I made the Doraemon faces out of fondant, then painted the whiskers and eyes with melted chocolate. Wasn't a too big fan of Doraemon myself, but I think they're rather cute!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Butterfly Cuppies for Manjit

Amie contacted me on Sunday noon, wanting some cuppies for her ex boss, Manjit who had her birthday fall this August. Understand that this was a quite short notice order, Amie leave it up to me to think of the appropriate idea for decoration, as long as it's choc mud cuppies, the same one Reny sent her for her birthday last month.

Had been wanting to create these chocolate butterflies for sometime, I felt this would be a great chance to give it a try. With dark chocolate for outline and green mint chocolate for colour and crystal sugar sprinkled, this is what I come up with.

Fondant orange roses and butterflies on choc mud cuppies topped with whipped cream so the taste would be intense in the inside but light on the outside, and I think the mint flavor on the butterflies would compliment the chocolate taste of cake.

Hope Manjit likes them, and hope Amie is happy with the idea!

Nico's 2nd Birthday

Thinking of what to do on Nico's birthday this year has had me going for weeks.
August 20th, 2008, he turned 2.

Finally got to bake him a cake to celebrate with his classmates, and some cuppies from them to take home.
All cake was Choc Mud Cake, covered with whipped cream.

The theme is Little Einstein, one of Nico's favourite TV show, which was chosen after a lengthy discussion between two kids and their Mum. (Nico was wanting Mickey Mouse but he had it last year!). At the end, he was squeaking with glee when he saw the edible, so I believe Little Einstein was the right choice. Thanks to Ina Larizz for making it happen.

The cuppies has Little Eisnteins and Pocoyo and it came in a single cuppie bubble container for friends to take home. They were again topped with whipped cream, and sparkled by some star trimmits, which was a gift from Natalia - thanks!

More cuppies for neighbour friends, and some strawberried ones for the mothers.