Monday, 27 July 2009

Anniversary Cake for Awan & Nani

A gift for our dear friends, Nani & Awan who celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary ...
Fourteen blue daisies to symbolized the 14 years that has passed, and countless white daisies as wish for the many years to come!

Feeling Feline?

Just toying around with some feminine touch of colours and design.
Roses & Daisies for the flower lovers!

Carson's Full Month Minicake

Carson's fullmonth minicake was ordered by Adheline to share with family and friends, a simple design of white icing covered chocolate cake, decorated with his name and stamp-printed on the band around it.

Welcome, baby Carson!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Various Animal Cupcake.

Some tall order.
From originally 'around one hundred' sea creatures ... to 'one hundred and fifty' animals.

So here's some four legged animals, which includes rabbits, mouse, bears, porcupines, and pigs... ( in all kinds of poses!)

and some water creatures : turtles, octopuses, whales, ducks, and starfishes ...

All arrived safely in Sukabumi to celebrate a friend's birthday!

Princesses & Animals for Brigitte

The Princesses ...

and the animals...

on strawberry flavoured pink buttecream , with rainbow sprinkles ... are for Brigitte's 5th birthday from her loving mom, Cecil.

Elmo Cake for Gauri

Ruth was an old friend of mine, and her daughter Gauri is celebrating her 1st birthday. Elmo is her favourite, so here's one for her...
With some red and orange baloons on the side of the cake, hopefully Gauri had a memorable birthday!

Finnix & Edwin's Engagement Gift Cupcake

Sets of two cupcakes with romantic design, specially made for Finnix & Edwin's engagement day to share with their special guests.
Colour theme was the masculine & feminine of blue & pink, along with love & commitment symbols of hearts, roses & the rings...

Wishing you both all the best for your future life, and thank you for letting Cia's Cookies be a part on your special day!

Volkswagen Cake for Peter

An order from Fransisca, (who's sister was my flatmate back years ago) for her birthday brother, Peter. A Volkswagen classic, and I put some bright colour on it along with several flower patterns on the side to celebrate the years of the 70's!

Hip hip hippies :)

Baby Carson Welcome Cupcakes.

A gift set from Catherine to Adheline, to welcome her newborn baby boy, Carson.
Specially chosen colour theme of pale blue, white, and brown, somewhat unique and simple but charming!

Hello Kitty cupcake

A rush order from a loyal customer, Finnix, for her friend's birthday.
Funny thing happened when we discussed the theme for this cupcake. Finnix told me that her friend was rather tomboyish, so we were thinking hard of the appropriate colour & design, when suddenly she blurted out "Strange, my friend is a tomboy but she loves Hello Kitty!"

Mystery solved.

Faces Cupcakes for Grace

Grace contacted me to make some cupcakes on her friend, Sylvia's birthday.
She wanted all to have the group member faces on it with a special request that the colour shouldn't be too girlie :)

The whole 12 member of the gank...

Farewell & Pink Purple cupcakes

This farewell cupcake set was ordered by Susan for her colleagues who was leaving the office. With Susan's sad face, her friend's happy face, and several symbols of good luck for her friend.

I especially like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Susan also ordered another set of this pink & purple themed set, with lambs on them. Very girlie indeed. Thanks Susan, I had fun doing your cupcakes!