Sunday, 6 May 2012

Happy 58th!

Karen's Ballerina cake

Karen's passion was in ballet and she's excitingly take ballet classes since she was 4 :)

Bday on the Beach cake

Stranded on a beachy island, celebrating romantic birthday! :)

Beyblade for Noah

With a little help of edible images magic :)

DJ cake

Rubber Ducky Cake

A cute cake for a lady who likes ducks :)

Yin&Yang Fish Cake

I did these Yin&Yang Fish themed cakes on different occasion, one was for a piscean and another was for a guy who really like having pet fish.

Decided to create a vey girly cake for a sporty lady :)
Gladly the outcome was as good as I expected it to be.

Hello Kitty Cake.

A 3D version of Hello Kitty, the head was dummy and the body was cake.

Lilo & Angel and hearts.

Not long after Gwen's Lilo cake, come aonther request for Lilo & Angel cake, requested by a sweet boy for his girlfriend 16th bday :)

Lilo & Angel Cake.

Gwen was turning 10, and she wanted Lilo & Angel on her cake. In additional, some of her fave Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty, My Melody and Cinnamoroll.

Neil's Pocoyo Cake.

For a deal loyal customer, Neil ... his fave tv character, Pocoyo and friends :)

Pororo Cake

Princess' Cake & Minicake

The birthday girl name was Princess and her Mom asked for a royal kingdom crown cake on a pillow and a tiara mini cake as gifts .

Pillow was real cake, and the crown was dummy, all standing in around 30cm tall.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Soccer Cake for Daffa

Daffa was a goal keeper in his soccer team so he was pictured in his uniform with a goalpost made from fondant.

Strawberry Cake for Luna.

Luna was very determined she wanted a strawberry shaped cake. Rather cute :)

Stripe & Bow

I love the colour combination on this cake, very masculine yet sweet.

Tank Cake

Specially requested by a daugther for her Dad's birthday, he was a military man so there comes along the battle ship and rudal ...

Tortoise lovers.

Ferrick really loves tortoises and this special breed comes in black & yellow spots.

Darius' UP cake

Taken from the movie UP, Darius' fave.

Andrew's Lolli Cake

This was a fun cake to do, loving all the colorful lollies I played with to make this cake a really beautiful one!

Biotherm Cupcake for Valentine's Day.

These cupcakes were custom design following the actual product on the market, a special request from Biotherm to celebrate valentine's day with their customers.

Fashion Cupcake Set

This was a present to a girl who loves fashion. Lovely necklace! hehhehee..

Garfield & Friends

This set wasn't my original idea but they were still fun to look at!

Korean Wedding Cupcake Set

This set was a gift to a KOrean newlywed couple.

Ice Cream Mini Cake

Ashley's cupcakes were baked in an actual ice cream wafer cones, the topped with fondant cream and cherry :)

Chinese New Year cupcake set

It's the Rabbit year! Happiness and luck everyone :)

Roses Cupcake

Pink roses everywhere with purple and white colour theme.

Mermaid Cake for Freya

Freya wants Ariel the mermaid for her bday cake , complimented with sea creatures cupcake to give away for her friends and teachers.

Shayne's Tink Cupcake

Tinkerbell and her tree house was what Shayne wanted for her birthday...

Tinkerbell and Thumper cupcake with edible images and fondant flowers.