Monday, 27 April 2009

Christening Cupcake for Patrick

It's Patrick's Christening day & Ana wanted to bring something as a gift for her baby nephew and his family to celebrate the event.

I suggested blue & white colour, and some Christian symbols for toppers... although it wasn't that easy to find those symbols that I can recreate on fondant!

So a couple of classic White Doves to represent the Holy Spirit...

The Five Bread and Two Fish that fed 5000 people...

and Patrick, the baby himself :)

I hope Ana & Patrick's family likes this!

Mum's Bday Cupcake from Marlina

As her Mum's Bday was approaching, Marlina sent messages on my FB & asked whether I can have the cupcakes delivered to Bandung. To make the story short, I got my Mum to bring the gift set to Bandung safely.

Marlina's requested red roses and pastel colour theme, so I picked pink to compliment the roses.

The family picture of Dad, Mum, Marlina & her brother... (and purple butterfly...)

A a special purple

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Alicia's 4th Bday with Strawberry Shortcake

Alicia was very consistent (and persistent) on what she wanted for her 4th birthday, it was Strawberry Shortcake theme from the very beginning to the last minute...

So her Mum tried to create something special for her, a first attempt on making a two tiered cake, fully covered by fondant icing.

Judging by the awed look the moment she laid eyes on the cake & its figurine, and by the large grin on her face while her friends sang Happy Birthday song for her in the class, I could safely say the cake was a success from her point of view, too!

The theme colours were taken from the character itself: pink, lime green, and white.

All the way through her cake, cupcakes, and lunch box goodie bag for Cia's classmates to bring home with.

Pink & lime green buttercream on chocolate cupcakes, topped with cute edible images from Aunty Ike... Strawberry Shortcake for the girls & Huckleberry Pie for the boys.

All put in a clear container, accompanied with pink & green layered milk pudding, single serving of baked macaroni & cheese, plus a box of juice. Healthy snacks!

Wishing Cia the best birthday ever, with lots of hugs hugs and kiss kiss!!

Mrs. Nien Lesmana's 80th Bday Cupcakes

Specially designed in brown, pink & white as those are Mrs. Nien Lesmana's fave colours, these cupcakes was ordered by Riza & Reny Arshad as a gift on her 80th birthday.

Loaded with pink roses and symbols of love & appreciation to a great lady!

Ita's Cake from Endang

A birthday gift for a dear colleagues from Endang & friends...
Ita was described as a bit tomboy, so I can't put anything girlie for her :)

I hope the colour choice fit her, the sheep was to symbolize her zodiac.

With apology to Endang & Ita,, I put the name wrong as TIA, but it was quickly corrected to ITA just before the cake gets to her.

Deva's CARS

Deva's 5th Birthdays is to be definitely celebrated with his favourite CARS movie characters!!

A mini vanilla cake, with cheddar cheese cream filling, covered with fondant and decorated with some CARS toys. This cake is for Deva to blew his birthday candles on and bring home with...

And some premium chocolate cupcakes, with CARS edible images to share with his classmates at school!

Happy Birthday Deva, all the best for the rest of your life, please say hello to Dawai!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

AA's Birthday (with love) Cupcake Set

So many Aries' birthday boys & girls this month, the rams and lambs are flocking together!

And order from a friend for his sweetheart who's birthday also falls in April, so I created a ram & lamb & roses & love theme!

Can not think of any girl who can refuse so many red roses coming her way, hope she'll like this!

Animal Cupcakes for Dina's Sister

Dina's gift for her Sister's birthday,
with a special request of dog figurine...

Another lamb to symbolized the aries star sign,

and a caterpillar just for fun!

Indie Belle's 1 Month Celebration Cupcakes

Indie Belle is one month old, a rush order from her parents to celebrate the occasion are packages of 6 cupcakes.

All in white creams as per request, with drops of gumpaste pink flowers for a girlie accent, and not forgetting the baby topper in soft pink cloths and a pink chocolate heart with Indie's name written on it.

Congratulation on the pretty baby indeed, Icus & Dalin!

Finnix' Cake

A gift from Finnix to a dear friend, a mini cake sized 12x12 cm with a modern choice of colours of brown, white & light blue, and a simple decoration of star patterns.

It turned out rather cute but the colours kept the feeling quite masculine, although I was quite unhappy by the fact that I missed the Bitrhday Boy's initial caused by miss communication.
Am sorry Finnix :(

Madagascar's Cupcake for Bunga

Bunga turned 4 this April 3rd, and as she is one of Madagascar's biggest fan (she watches the movie on daily basis!), her Mum ordered these cupcakes with Madagascar's edible images for Bunga to share with her friends at school.

Move it move it, Bunga!
have a Happy Birthday!

Wedding Anniversary Gift Cupcake

A wedding anniversary gift set, from Indigosix Photoworks crew @Bandung to their client @Jakarta.

Angelia from Indigosix, who is also my cousin thought about sending a gift pack for Nugroho & Hatti, who had their wedding photographs taken by Indigosix last year, and now celebrating their 1st anniversary.

So Angel called and ordered the cupcakes in a set of 9, noting that now Nugroho & Hatti already had a baby, so I can include this fact in the cupcake set.

With only 2 nights and 1 day to finished off this gift set, I could say I was quite happy with how it all come out.