Saturday, 12 December 2009

Xmas Cupcake set of 4

A set of 4 cupcakes, ideal for gifts to your dearest ones...

Cia's Cookies' favorite , the Premium Chocolate cupcake, with Angel, Snowman, Penguin, and Xmas tree fondant topper, in pretty red, gold, and green shiny foil cups.

The set will be wrapped in a gold box and clear lid, tied with organza ribbon. A Xmas hang tag is included for you to hand write your message on.

Pre order Dec 10 - 16 only, and will be ready for pick up by Dec 22 & 23, or delivered to your destination with delivery fee charged accordingly.

Have a fun Xmas, and thank you!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Bouquet of Roses Cake

A black velvet cake in pink and fuschia bouquet of roses for Mercy's Mom's birthday...

Simply elegant.

Pororo & Cars Cupcake for Gonza

Gonza is 7 and his Mom, Oong ordered some cuppies to share with friends on his birthday.

Gonza is into cars, so some racing cars with number 7 on it, a VW Combi and a Beetle for the boys ...

And some Pororo and all his friends...
I find Crong rather cute!

Mont Blanc B&W Cupcake

A set ordered by Louren for her husband's 28th birthday.
Some special Mont Blanc theme in Black & White for Fendy.

Serviam Cupcake for Ria

Ria ordered this set with a specific topper to be put on top , a boy sitting on Oz map, a teckel dog, a BB and the special Serviam Logo :)

Whoever gets this set, I hope he is happy with all the special symbols :D

Animals & Pink Theme Cupcake for Gretta

These gift set is a birthday present from Auntie Iin and Uncle Yosef for Gretta.

Iin requested a very girlie set with different kinds of animals - I made them pink, except for the giraffes! :D

BTW I heard that the cupcakes were a success, apart from Gretta almost got upset because everyone was fighting over their favourite animal!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Wedding Anniversary cupcakes

Another set that was orderes by Fitri.
This is to celebrate her parent's Wedding Anniversary with family member's faces on it.

Pocoyo Cake for Ija

Happy birthday brother in law :)
Her wifey said that he likes Pocoyo, so here it is!

Pororo, Mouse & Roses, and Thomas Cupcake for Rima

Rima is my schoolmate, she lives in the states but Rima wanted to send these cupcakes for her mom & nephews.

The lavender, pink & white theme with roses set is for Rima's Mom, with a mouse to represent her Chinese Zodiac.

The Pororo & Friends set is a birthday gift for her nephew, Reyner.

And Thomas Train on edible images for the rest of the boys :)

Animal Cupcakes

Animal series cupcakes for Margaretha to share with her friends :)

Bags & Shoes Cupcakes for Nini

This set is from Fitri to her sister Nini on her 25th birthday, the request was for bags and shoes in girlie colour.

Teddy Tea Party for Beatrice

Mommy Linda asked for a girlie cake with teddies or mice on it, she couldn't decide which, so I said why not both, joined in a tea party?

The cake is for Beatrice's celebration at home, and the cupcakes is to share with friends :)
I particularly liked the mini bday cake and the multicoloured balls on the cake's edge.

Friday, 13 November 2009

TinkerBell on Pixie Island Cake for Zelli

Izellah is 3
and she wanted TinkerBell cake for her birthday.
Mommy Niella asked me to capture the Pixie Island feel and made green & purple the theme colours.

We decided on 3 tiered cake to cater about 50-70 guests, the bottom is 24cm, middle cake is 18cm, and the top is 14cm, dressed as TinkerBell's tree house.

Thanks Niella for believing in me, you're a wonderful client! Happy Birthday Zelli, hope you like this cake...

Ben10 & Omnitrix Cake for Caitlin

Caitlin is very fond of Ben10 :) so I get him to sit on the Omnitrix for her 3rd birthday cake.
With a touch of purple to soften the boyish colour, ans some glittery dragees on the cake's bottom to spark up the cake.

Disney Princesses Cake for Keira

Five pretty girls for Keira the Birthday Princess :) on her 5th birthday.
With a specific note to include Princess Jasmine in the group, so I put her on the top cake.

The bottom cake is 22cm, the top is 14cm, both premium chocolate with full fondant cover and 98 pink little roses all over.
Why not 100? Well I made more than 100 roses but ran out of space to stick them on :)

Ah, here's Ariel bathing under the waterfall ...
Happy Birthday Keira, and thanks Deci for the chance to create this cake!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Jack Skellington's Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

Was specially made for a dearest someone who is very fond of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas movie.
Jack's face was drawn with black Royal Icing, plus some details on the side borders featuring the graphic swirls taken from the movie theme.

The cake is a new creation from my kitchen, I would called it Strawberry Noir Velvet :)
Never thought I had to do the slaughtering myself just because the cake owner had no guts! :P

Katherine's 1st Bday Cake

A 2 tiered cake on apple green and white, for Katherine's 1st Birthday with various animals on it. Kath's mom, Lucy asked for whales and duckies, too, so I created this little pond on the top of the cake. Giant duckies, or mini whales?

Special request of fondant lollipops, tucked in around the cake, turned to be the kids fave - including Aaron, Kath's bigger brother and Kath herself!
We had fun at the party, thanks for having us, dear Kath!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Black & White Wedding Anniversary Cupcake

Nicho & Yuliana's wedding party colour theme was B&W, so here comes a cupcake gift in the same colour theme from Indigosix Photography team to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary.


Minicake for souvenir, anywone?

TinkerBell Cake for Kimmy

Ina is a wonderful new client and she asked me to do a TinkerBell cake for Kimmy's 4th birthday but am not sure if can do a slim Tink, because I can only manage an overweight Tink :)

So Ina lent me her Tink figurines from her collection, and it made everything so much easier, and definitely prettier! Thanks Ina!

Y&Y Wed Anniversary Cupcake

Celebration time!
Yuliana & Yulianto's 1st Wedding Anniversary cupcake set, in lime green, pink & brown colour theme as used on their wedding invitation last year.

Snoopy Cupcake

A set of pink & lavender cupcake set with a Snoopy centerpiece, for Julya's sister birthday.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hello Kitty & Mouses Cupcake for Sharon

These mouse & kitty cupcakes were ordered by Devita for her daughter, Sharon's birthday.
Some white mice and the gray-pink mouse ala Ratatouille :)

Mouse & Roses Cupcake for Amanda's Mom

I have known Amanda through the net for more than 10 years, yet the first time we get to meet face to face was when she picked up this birthday set of cupcakes for her Mum.

A set of 16 in peach, pink & white, with lots of roses & hearts, and a mouse to represent her Mum's chinese zodiac.