Saturday, 2 August 2008

Melt in Your Mouth for Fanny

So lousy of me, I didn't know that our neighbour and a dear friend, Fanny had her birthday some weeks ago. Promised her a belated birthday cake to make it up. She said not to give her any pretty cake because she'd feel sorry to eat it, instead just give her any 'reject' cake - that's her exact word!

Had a free time this Saturday morning and wondered if there's any new recipe to try. Remembered this 'Melt in Your Mouth Choc Cake' I saw on Chocolate & Zucchini, which is a blog written by Clotilde Dusoulier. Think that this is the right time to try it and to fulfill my promise to Fanny, forget about the 'reject' cake, here's something specially made for you!

The very dense, dark, richly chocolatey and buttery (hey! 200gr butter, 200gr choc, 200gr sugar and only 20gr flour!!) heart shaped cake should taste heavenly with fresh whipped French cream, sprinkled with 100&1000's.
Surely look festive and merry for a belated birthday dessert :)

And I'm glad I used the colourful heart trimmits, Aska had a good time picking up the 'hati yang kelir-kelir' while Mami Fanny enjoyed the cake...

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chikieboo said...

we <3 the cake, it is so yummy & we love the topping, its so eye candy & 'ngejreng'...our (me & aska) favorite, thanks cin