Monday, 25 October 2010

Nico's Sheep Farewell cupcake

A farewell gift from Nicholas to all friends in Kembang Playgoup.

Koi Fish & Angels cupcake

Angels for protection and koi fish for good luck, a birthday wish from Phei in Sydney who is sending her love to Dad in Bandung...

Baby 1 Month: Gabriella

Congrats to Frina & Budi for their pretty baby girl!

Roses Cake for Mom

Animal Cupcakes for Mika

Jungle animals cupcakes for Mika's 5th Bday,
so shameful I didn't get a chance to take pictures of his T-Rex cake as his Bunda was waiting to take it to Mika's school...

Man on A Bed :)

Aeroplane Cake

For a boy who's very fond of aeroplanes...

Treasure Chest Cake

A gift from Nelly for her Mom, as a token of thanks and good fortune wishes ... loaded with cash, diamonds, golds and everything sweet :)

Pororo & Dibo the Gift Dragon cake

This task on this cake is to combined two the the children most favourite TV shows, Poror the Penguin, & Dibo the Gift Dragon .
With the icy land as the cake bottom, then the greens for Dibo's friends, and the white cloud where Dibo lays.

Wedding Anniversary Cupcake: Penguins

Giant Cupcake with Animals

However strange the idea of combining giant cupcake with animal toppers, this
cake turned out cute - somewhat looks like round Noah's Ark :)

Pirate Themed Cake

This is for Matthew's 1st birthday , the bottom cake is dummy of 40x40cm , the mid cake is 30x30cm wide, with a dummy pirate ship on top.

Cookies for Naima

Some very girlie set of cupcakes and cookies for Naima ...

Giant Burger Cake

A giant burger for a husband who loves this food :)

Jungle Animal Cupcake set for Abby

Abby loves animals so Mommy selected this cupcake set with various animals on it ...
I particularly adore the hippo family swimming in the pond :)

Cupcakes for Mom

Giant Cupcake for Auntie Ling

A giat cupcake for a dear Auntie who likes to play with her newlyborn nephew...

Hello Kitty Cake

I Love You Cupcake

Wed Anniversary Cupcake

Monday, 18 October 2010

Roses & Lollies for Indie

This cake is a gift from a loving hubby to his wifey on her birthday, considering she loves flowers and their boys loves lollies, hence the whole cake theme :)

Tinkerbell cake for Kirana

Alice in Wonderland in Purple

Birthday party's colour theme is purple, so the cake match the theme with Alice in Wonderland on top of it.

Baby & Mom cupcake

A birthday gift for a new Mom who's enjoying taking care of her baby girl ...

Flowers & Butterfly on Tosca cake

Angels Whale & Flower cupcake

One of my favourite set, thought the characters on this set doesn't match (angels & whales??), however the colours turned out very nice, and the birthday girls was rather ecstatic :)

Toyota Alphard car

Soyjoy TV Ad cupcake

These pastel colours cupcakes were ordered by RT Films for their Soyjoy TV Ad "Princesses".
The cupcake size is three times bigger than normal cupcake and had to baked in alum foil cups as no baking pan can cater the size.

Here the link to the ad:
Have fun watching!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ballerina for Denise

Denise loves ballet and pink,

I put some fuschia and purple for depth, and I was glad to hear Denise was thrilled (and so was her Mom, hehe...)

Thank You Cupcake

A fun combination of pink, green and white, on buttercream with edible images and some pastry sugar specially bought from an old Dutch bakery.

Shoes and Bags cupcake