Saturday, 17 January 2009

Car Cookies & Cupcakes for Nick's 2nd Bday

I got an email from Phoenix the other day, wanting to know if I can do some car theme cookies & cupcakes for Nicklaus, her son's 2nd birthday. Phoenix showed me a reference for the car toppers, they were made of fondant, and I think I could do those.
However, it was the cookies I was worry about, as I don't have car cookies cutter, and having asked around, the shape I could get was only the truck shape.

At the end, I didn't get to do the fondant car toppers as I need to get out of town a couple of days before Nick's birthday party, but the cookies were well done, thanks to Nico's t'shirt where I got the car pattern from. Having the handmade pattern cut out on cardboard, I knife traced through the dough for the specific car shape.

I am loving the beetle cars, they come in bright colours and Phoenix told me the cookies were a hit!

Several days later Phoenix text message me, for another batch of the same car cookies, some on sticks, and some cupcakes for Nick to share at school.

The cuppies were individually packed in clear plastic packaging, topper with whipped cream and matching car toppers made of coloured chocolates.

ps. I'll upload teh cuppies photos once transferred from the cam.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Liverpool Cake for Attia

Attia's second order was a birthday cake with Liverpool Soccer Club theme.
The picture submitted as a reference had a smaller logo with a boy figurine wearing Liverpool's uniform standing next to it. Unsure of my capability of making a good human figurine, I proposed a much bigger logo with actual details to cover the cake with.
Attia was such a nice client and she agreed to my idea proposal.

So I got my husband to clear up and flip the logo, then printed it on 1:1 scale so I can copy trace it with chocolate. I used red & turqoise colour & yellow & white chocolate.

Working with chocolate is not as easy as it is with royal icing, as chocolate's consistency is very much depends on it's temperature. You make the choc too hot, it goes too runny, and when it get down to room temperature, it stuck on the tip of the piping bag.
I did 4 attempts on drawing the logo, and the 4th one is the best one of lot.

The cake the covered with white fondant, then I put a turqoise band around the bottom, and put the chocolate logo on top of ot.

I sure hope that Attia and her family like the look of the cake and loving its taste!

Christmas Cupcakes

Assorted X'mas cuppies to merry up your holiday!

My favourite holy leaves & berries...

What's Christmas without the X'mas tree...

Also with candy cane, x'mas stocking, and x'mas wreath toppers...
Some springkled with red green white colours of X'mas,...

And come in various boxes of 4's, 6's, and 8's ...

Thanks to all my family, friends and a very special Sister & Btro in law, for all the support you all gave me throughout the year!! I love my RED Kitchen Aid!!

Christmas Cookies

Some Xmas themed cookies to share with her colleagues and relatives, Grace ordered several dozen of them.
All individually wrap in clear plastic boxes, assorted shapes in vanilla butter and chocolate flavor, and finished with gold ribbon for extra special feel.

Baby Shower Cupcake for Astrid

My first baby shower cuppies project came from Astrid. She is expecting a baby girl and going to hold a baby shower to celebrate with her girlfriends.

We decided to have pink - white colour theme, and I added peach colour to accentuate some parts of the bottles, baby booties, and pacifiers toppers, all made of fondant.
The cuppies were also covered in fondant with pink sugar crystals on the edges.

They come in single plastic cases and tied with pink organza ribbon.
To come with the cupcakes, Astrid also had some lolly cookies on the same colour theme.

Overall I think they look pretty and cute, despite the poor pictures I took with my shaky hands :((

Hope all are well, Astrid, and I am sure the baby will be as pretty as her mummy!

Apple Cake for Karen 2nd Bday

Rika, my cousin told me that she wants me to make her daughter Karen a cake for her 2nd bday last December 16th.
After some discussion we decided that a cake in a shape of a red apple would be the nicest choice. Apple is one of Karen most favourite things besides Mickey Mouse and horse.

Can not forgive myself for not having a better picture of the cake, I'll be looking forward to get more - beter pictures from Rika :)
The cake itself is 3 layered chocolate sponge with blueberry filling to give it a nice twang.
Carved and covered with fondant, it was 20cm in diameter.

I think Karen was quite excited to see her Apple Cake, as she kept poking on it, and after the candle blowing, she took Nico's finger and got him to poke the cake, too!

Lucy's Chocolate Cake with Ganache & Fruits

Just in the mood for some sweet treats, Lucy called and placed an order for some premium chocolate cuppies. A second later she made a change of plan, and wanted a a bigger cake instead of many cuppies.

This would actually my first commercial cake, so I told Lucy I will only do the big cake if she wouldn't mind the flaws. She said imperfections are OK, she's more after the taste rather than the look :D This gave me an easy to go ahead with the project.

20 cm
in diameter, the 3 layerred premium choc cake with chocolate ganache filling in betweens, covered again in ganache and decorated with fruits to balance the sweetness.

The chocolate crown was added for a special touch...
At the end, I was quite pleased with how things worked out.


The news spreaded at Phoenix's office, that her bday cuppies were so nice, and unluckily some of her colleagues didn't get to try any as they were out. Miss Sisca called a couple of days later and ordered some for an event she was having at her house.

Some vanilla and some chocolate cakes, topped again with whipped cream, but this time I put some fresh mandarines, dragon fruits, and green calmeria grapes on top. The colour combinations were so nice, and gladly I got a text message from Miss Sisca, telling me that she thinks the cuppies were very nice, too!
Thank you!

Phoenix's Bday Cupcakes

Phoenix is a friend of my ex neighbour Lucy and tried my cookies at Lucy's housewarming. Being informed that I also bake cupcakes, she wanted some to share at her office on her birthday.

A couple of boxes with handcrafted chocolate and strawberry toppers on chocolate, my homemade strawberry, and blueberry flavor whipped cream.

Turned out that blueberry is Phoenix's fave!
Happy Birthday, girl!

Bella's Birthday Cupcakes

A combination between fruit & chocolate topper for Bella's birthday, a rush order from Bella's Mum.
All individually packed in clear plastic cases, tied with pink satin ribbon and a complimentary small hang tag.

Wedding Gift Cupcake

These cupcakes were wedding gift to the groom from his cousin, Grace.
Grace told me to make both the cake & decoration chocolatey, as the groom loooves chocolate.

Therefore the butterflies & flowers are all made of chocolate: dark, white, and peppermint green. The cakes themselves are of course the famous premium chocolate, covered with vanilla & chocolate whipped cream.