Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Butterfly Cuppies for Manjit

Amie contacted me on Sunday noon, wanting some cuppies for her ex boss, Manjit who had her birthday fall this August. Understand that this was a quite short notice order, Amie leave it up to me to think of the appropriate idea for decoration, as long as it's choc mud cuppies, the same one Reny sent her for her birthday last month.

Had been wanting to create these chocolate butterflies for sometime, I felt this would be a great chance to give it a try. With dark chocolate for outline and green mint chocolate for colour and crystal sugar sprinkled, this is what I come up with.

Fondant orange roses and butterflies on choc mud cuppies topped with whipped cream so the taste would be intense in the inside but light on the outside, and I think the mint flavor on the butterflies would compliment the chocolate taste of cake.

Hope Manjit likes them, and hope Amie is happy with the idea!

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