Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Girly Cupcake

Pet Cupcake

Mickey & Minnie Cupcake

Make Up Set Cupcake

Tis bright coloured - very girly set of cupcake was made for a special girl on her birthday...

Birthday Cupcake

Google Cupcakes

These cupcakes with edible image logos was made specially for a launch of Googles new application.

Faces Cupcakes

Specially made for a dear friend who was celebrating her birthday with her best friend, so the faces was done based on individual photos of them.

Dora Emon Cupcake

I only do cupcake set of 5 on special request and for a special reason only. This particularly special because my cousin wanted to wooed his girlfriend :D

Car Racing Cake for Nathan

To celebrate Nathan's 1st birthday, Nathan is BIG fans of cars so what better cake can do for him other than a car racing cake? :)


Buzz Lightyear Cupcake

A cupcake set of 9, a birthday gift for a Buzz Lightyear fans.

Butterfly Cake

This colourful cake was ordered foe Kea's 6th birthday...

Businessman Cupcake set.

A gift to a boss :)

Bank Mega tiered cupcake.

Specially made to celebrate one of Bank Mega's VIP's bday by his agency, Celsius.

Wedding Cakes

A couples of mini wedding cakes I did to complete the wedding cupcake top tiers.
Colours of the cake icing cover was matched to the invitation and whole wedding scheme.

Tinker Bell Cake & Minicake

Along with a birthday cake, Jesslyn's mom ordered some mini cakes for give away on Jess' birthday.
Very girly result!

Pororo & Friends

Pororo & Friends was picked for Maria's 1st Bday celebration... hope she like the cake as much as she like watching the tv show!

Pooh & Friends Cake

Laksita, the traveller girl finally get a chance to celebrate her bday at home, and her mom picked Winnie the Pooh & Friends theme to celebrate Laksita's 2nd Bday...

Pocoyo Cake

Pocoyo and friends was chosen for Arlene's birthday, her face TV Show :)

Mickey & Minnie Cake

Sandya's fave character was chosen to decorate her 2nd bday cake...

Branded Bags Cake

This mocca cake was from Indri for her bday Mom, she loves this particular brand and hopefully these three mini ones proceed the real ones:)

Cooking Mama Cake

This game was quite a hit at the time and Choula loves Cooking Mama :)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Will U - I Do Engagement Cupcake

These "Will U - I Do" cupcakes were specially design in matching colours to complements a set of goodies as favors given to G & V's engagement party.

Thank you Lia for the elegant design!

2D Character Cupcakes

With a simple cut and paste techniques create some colourful adorable cupcakes!

Pokemon Hikari Jun PlipPlup Cupcake

Nadira's special request: Pokemon's Hiakri, jun & PlipPlup :)

Lebaran Cupcake Set

A present from Kiki to her boyfriend's family on Idul Fitri day, a white Siberian husky is included :)

Damask Fuschia Engagement Cupcake set

This cupcake set is a gift from a big sister to celebrate her baby sister's engagement.
The theme was fuschia and black damask.

Ballerina Flats Cake

Nelly knows her friend Velda is very much into shoes (which woman doesn't?) so a white ballerina flats with bows as a gift - along with the cake , and heard that bday girl was thrilled!

Lego Men for Ravi

Ravi loves Lego and it's new trend, the Lego Men :)
Truned out rather well and somehow I like the bright merry colours!

Family Cake for Christelyn

It was Christelyn's 6th birthday, so it's her Mum & Dad, big sister and little brother with her celebrating on the cake, literally.

Elmo Cake for Kat

Kat's been my loyal customer since she was 1 :)
Furry Elmo is her pick this year, Happy Bday Dear!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Shoes and Bags in Pink & Green

Shoes and Bags in pink theme for Daisy, and in green for Denisa, matching birthday gifts from Yeni to a couple of her bff.

My Melody & Hello Kitty Cupcake set

These very girly cupcakes are Anya's request for her birthday, all in pink and purple tone featuring her fave characters, my Melody and Hello Kitty.

Jewellery Shop Cupcake set

Various kind of jewellery on cupcakes, a gift to celebrate an opening of a jewellery shop.

Snow White Cake for Belva

A small cake to celebrate Belva's 4th, with her fave Princess on it.

Electric Wheelchair Cake

Thsi cake is a gift from Icha for her dad a.k.a Babe , along with a new electric chair brought from Oz to Jakarta.

Thomas & Toy Story Cakes

Kiko and Cavan are brother whose birthdays are only a few days apart so they were having a big party to celebrate their birthday together.
Kiko's fave is Woody and Cavan's fave character is Thomas the Train.
Both figurines are coming from their own private collections :)

Special Agent OSO Cake

Candice turned 3 this year and special Agent OSO is her favourite TV show.

Ball Theme cupcakec

Apart from her Hannah cake, Caitlin choose various ball theme for the cupcake -goodiebag...

Hannah Montana Cake

This year Caitlin picked Hannah Montana cake for the 7th birthday.
I tried to make her looked like she just pop out from the center of the cake :)