Sunday, 6 May 2012

Happy 58th!

Karen's Ballerina cake

Karen's passion was in ballet and she's excitingly take ballet classes since she was 4 :)

Bday on the Beach cake

Stranded on a beachy island, celebrating romantic birthday! :)

Beyblade for Noah

With a little help of edible images magic :)

DJ cake

Rubber Ducky Cake

A cute cake for a lady who likes ducks :)

Yin&Yang Fish Cake

I did these Yin&Yang Fish themed cakes on different occasion, one was for a piscean and another was for a guy who really like having pet fish.

Decided to create a vey girly cake for a sporty lady :)
Gladly the outcome was as good as I expected it to be.

Hello Kitty Cake.

A 3D version of Hello Kitty, the head was dummy and the body was cake.

Lilo & Angel and hearts.

Not long after Gwen's Lilo cake, come aonther request for Lilo & Angel cake, requested by a sweet boy for his girlfriend 16th bday :)

Lilo & Angel Cake.

Gwen was turning 10, and she wanted Lilo & Angel on her cake. In additional, some of her fave Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty, My Melody and Cinnamoroll.

Neil's Pocoyo Cake.

For a deal loyal customer, Neil ... his fave tv character, Pocoyo and friends :)

Pororo Cake

Princess' Cake & Minicake

The birthday girl name was Princess and her Mom asked for a royal kingdom crown cake on a pillow and a tiara mini cake as gifts .

Pillow was real cake, and the crown was dummy, all standing in around 30cm tall.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Soccer Cake for Daffa

Daffa was a goal keeper in his soccer team so he was pictured in his uniform with a goalpost made from fondant.

Strawberry Cake for Luna.

Luna was very determined she wanted a strawberry shaped cake. Rather cute :)

Stripe & Bow

I love the colour combination on this cake, very masculine yet sweet.

Tank Cake

Specially requested by a daugther for her Dad's birthday, he was a military man so there comes along the battle ship and rudal ...

Tortoise lovers.

Ferrick really loves tortoises and this special breed comes in black & yellow spots.

Darius' UP cake

Taken from the movie UP, Darius' fave.