Monday, 11 August 2008

Oom Budhi's Lucky Birthday Cuppie

Some choc mud cuppies for the best of luck on my favorite uncle: Oom Budhi on his birthday. I spent a lot of time in his house during my college years, spared me his roof during my internship, and he was a witness on my wedding day.

However, everything about his birthday this year was so auspicious!
It falls on the 8th of the 8th month two thousand 8.
So I baked him 9 cuppies for extraluck. And guess what. When I broke open one of the egg, it has twin yolks in it!! This was my 2nd twin yolk egg, my first one was long time ago when I was a kid.

Topped with some smooth ganache, I put some oranges to enlighten the choc and bring some freshness to the whole taste. An auspicious fruit in Chinese symbols. The word for tangerine having the same sound as "luck" in Chinese, and the word for orange having the same sound as "wealth".

Hopefully everybody like the little treats of abundance luck and wealth!

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