Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Water Lily & Daisies Cupcakes

Just in the mood of making the most of the daisy cutters, and ended up feeling very feminine!

Turned one of the them into water lily in the pond :) I think the arabesquest pattern works really well, too! (a frog could make things more convincing...)

The rest I just use pink, white & purple shades... girlie indeed!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Baby Cupcakes for Alvaro

A gift for Onin, with apology that I haven't made time to visit her and her newborn Alvaro...

A combination of a baby boy figurine, his blue booties, and a rubber ducky, in baby blue , white, and light orange.

Hope you guys enjoy the cuppies, I know Allegra likes the rubber ducky :D
Huhs & kisses for the little new Star !!

Aries Cupcakes

A customized design cuppies, from Onin for her cousin...

She's an Aries and she also known as Miss Purple, named after her fave colour, so I created a set of gradation of purple combined with a couple of sheep & a ram.

The daisies & the paisley pattern helped make the set very feminine & girlie.

Happy Bday Miss Purple !! :)

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Reuben's Cupcakes: Ultramen & Hello Kitty

Dina Ponsen & I met some year ago through some filming projects, and knowing that I take a different path of work now, she contacted me for some cupcakes.
Her partner at "Mom's & I" is planning a celebration for her son, Reuben who is turning 8 this end of March. Reuben had never asked for a birthday party before, but this year he wants to celebrate it with his friends, so his parents is throwing him a big bash of bday party! (with hundreds of colourful chairs, a few Video Game machines, karaoke spot, glitter art corner, etc etc!)

Reuben is a BIG fan of Ultraman, so the boys will definitely having Ultraman & Monsters cupcakes. Some were posing before fights on green grassy earth, and some on purplish & orangish unknown planets...

As for the girls, I proposed Sanrio's Hello Kitty as I have been longing to do the kitties cute faces for cupcakes topper! I got some help from my sister while doing these toppers, a helping hand and great company :)
We made some with her original red bow, and some wearing pink & red flowers.

Very Sanrio feeling having these kitties on pink buttercream icing, and red cupcake liners! (Thanks Ike for the cute liners.)

Thank you Dina for trusting me with this project, hopefully the cuppies were a hit, and you're pleased with the outcome! Thanks Ayrien for a great help during topper making and setting up the cuppies on the party venue, and thanks Cia for being a super good girl and Mama's little helper!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Tiara's Cake

Tiara emailed me one night, asking me if I can so a rush order for a birthday cake she wanted to give to her auntie (on the next day!).
I OK'ed her as long as I can keep the decoration simple, maybe fresh fruits could do the trick...?

Tiara's Auntie's fave colour was blue, so we tried to corporate that on her cake, adding some fresh premium strawberries on the sides, some greens to balance the colour, and a few white mini gumpaste flowers here and there.

Strawberry garden!

Hope Tiara was happy with the look, as everyone else was with the taste. (I heard later Tiara didn't managed to try the cake, so hopefully the cupcakes sent to her a few days after will help...)

Reny's Whale Cupcakes

She's a Pisces.
Whale theme, she wanted.
Flats, she thought.
3D, I thought.
She was surprised. Good :)


Papa whales, Mama whales, and Baby whales. (Yes, of course they come in different sizes, not coincidentally, hehhehe....)

Some colourful starfish and baby octopuses to brighten up the sea party!

(oh how I love their shiny black little eyes!)

See how the little creatures having the ride of their life on sumptuous buttercream waves?

Gemma's 1 Month Celebration Cuppies

These parcels of 6 cuppies were for Astrid's pretty babygirl, Gemma-Rose, who just turned 1 month old last February.
Colour theme was of course must be girlie, pink, white, and a touch of purple, and I was committed to make the colours as soft as possible...

I started by making all the baby figurines for the cupcake toppers, the heads & their curly hair, a piece of body and tiny feet just in case people decide to take a peek inside their towel wraps :D

After the main body part are done, then comes the hats and towel wraps... some in ivory and some in very soft baby pink.

Don't forget the safety pink made of metallic pink sugar balls.

Gemma's name written on pink heart shaped chocolate... the all packed in white box tied with soft babypink satin ribbon... Lovely!

Thank you Astrid, Gary & Gemma for making Cia's Cookies a part of your delighful celebration!