Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cuppies for Mercy's Grandma

Mercy's Grandma turned 87 this September, her family gathered together and celebrated the special occasion in Bandung. Mercy ordered a couple of boxes of cuppies to bring to the party. Luckily the cuppies arrived safely in Bandung.

Hooray for the chocolate ganache for surviving the trip!
Hooray for the pretty strawberries and the juicy oranges, too!

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Mercy said...

Hi Cin,

cupcakesnya enak lho menurut temen2 gua, soalnya dari Jakarta dibawa ke bandung dan gua bawa 4 pcs ke Jakarta soalnya temen2 kantor gua curious sama cupcakes elu hehehe.
They like it very much, katanya ga kayak cupcakes laen yang keras. Elu punya enak dan designnya OK banget..
Wait for the next order yach hehehe..