Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Arum's Animal Cuppies

These cuppies comes in single cases, were made for Arum's 8th birthday on November 11th.
Yun, Arum's mum is an office colleague of Mercy, so she had tried one of the choc premium cuppie when Mercy brought some to her office.

The brief given to me was for the cuppies to have animal figurines on them, lined with colurful 100&1000's t bring up the party mood. So I made some dogs, salmon and blue fish, pandas, butterflies, bees & ladybugs, and some pink bunnies!

Pastel pink base for the girls, baby blue ones for boys.

I do agree that the 100&1000's makes the cuppies looked very festive and merry!
Luckily I still have a bag of these colourfull springkles I got from Australia, as these ones have some green bits, while local ones doesn't.

Hey hey, animal parade!

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