Friday, 5 September 2008

Schuimpjes: Sugar Babes!

Had a 'Impulsive Baking Syndrome' attack today.
Schuimpjes. Meringues. Marsmallow Candy.
A sugar snack from my childhood, we used to buy it from Abadi Bakery in Bandung. They come in white, pink, green, and light brown. The light brown ones have more flavour, mocca. But the little girl in me couldn't resist the pretty pink and green ones, I thought all those lovely colour would definitely make it taste sweeter. And I still do :)

I made some Cocopandan in pink, and some Mocca & Cashew in light brown.
Looove these little pink army of sugar babes!

(And Cia said: "Hmmm! Hhhhmmm!!")

1 comment:

hubbie nya bu boss said...

yg ini emang enak.... gak wisaa brenti kunyem2 wakwkakkw
bu bosss "jempool"