Saturday, 4 October 2008

Strawberry Pavlova for Tante Anne

This Australian sweet is something I keep as a treasure in my mind. Only a fade memory for almost 20 years but now I had the gut to actually try to make one.
(I baked some small ones for the bazaar though, and that's how Tante Anne got to know that I can make Pavlova, and hence the big one here.)

A base of meringue cake made of egg whites and superfine sugar you have to meticulously mix and bake for over than one hour, then covered with a generous dollop of cold cream freshly whipped, then topped with sliced fresh fruits - you can use anything - kiwi, banana, mandarin, cherry, and in this case I use the pretty army of fresh strawberries.

Nothing beats the soft milky cold whipped cream and the juiciness of fresh fruits to balance the sweetness of the crispy soft melts in your mouth meringue.

The genius creator of Pavlova.
Looove Pavlove. I mean Pavlova.
Heaven #2.

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