Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Bunnies for Maura

Maura turned 3 this September 9th, 2008. She loves Thomas Train ( no I can't do Thomas), Noddy (can not either) and Bunnies (Yes! Can!)

Along came with the white & pink bunnies are carrots and tomatoes for them to feast on.
Soft pink cuppies became very cheerful with some colourful 100&1000's on the edges.

Happy Birthday Maura from Aunty Reny & Uncle Riza...


reny said...

Forgot to tell you that Diamanda loves horse-riding, too :)
But doesn't matter, she loved the cakes especially the dog. The others she shared with her families but she kept the dog one for herself.
Thanks for the cute animals, sista!

sandra said...

love love your cute bunny!