Saturday, 4 October 2008

Lebaran Cookies for Ibu Piping

I met Ibu Piping during the Rasuna Bazaar last month, she came with her kids and bought some cookies. Ibu Piping made some inquiries about the cookies back then and a few weeks before Lebaran she called me, wanting some lolly cookies for her children and friends.

Relating to this festive Muslim event, she asked whether the cookies can come in boy and girl shape, wearing muslim outfit. What a fun challenge!

The original girl shaped cookie cutter come in pony tailed hair and shorter dress showing her legs, so at the end I used the same cookie cutter for boy & girl. I added a 'peci' cap and checker
ed sarung
for the boys, then drawed a head scarf and tunic longdress for the girls.

Came in three complimentary pots, each hold 15 stick of cookies, and the rest of the cookies came in cardboard box for Ibu Piping to add to the empty pots later. I was so happy to see that Ibu Piping was so excited when she saw the cookies, exactly met her expectation, she told me.

Hope the cookies hold up well to travel to her children's house safely for Hari Raya Lebaran celebration!

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