Friday, 4 July 2008

Animal Cuppies for Mika

Happy Belated 3rd Birthday, Mika !! Hope you had a blast and lots of presents and toys :)
Sorry that Cia & Icho weren't well last week so their mum couldn't spare time to bake you something to celebrate your birthday on time.

But here's something from Cia & Icho, please don't mind as it came a week late...

Ibu Opi told me you likes chocolate, so here are some in Chocolate & Choc Chip for you , and Vanilla & Choc Chip flavour for Ibu & Ayah. Somehow the temperature made the fondant topping a bit wrinkly, so they actually looks like Pug Dog's face skin. All parts are edible, they are made of kids cereals and chocolate buttons and choc coated peanut candy.
Lots of choco thingy for choco lover boy!

Hope you like these animals cuppies, Icho thought they were Mickey Mouses, but Cia guessed better, they were puppy dogs, koalas, and teddy bears!


opi said...

Tante Cindy, as predicted, Mika loved the choc chips. he thought the bunnies & bear are very very cute. I planned to give one to Kakak Mima, tapi dasar pelit, i wasn't allowed to give it out to anyone else except to Ibu & Bapak. Thanks Tante, thanks Oom, thanks Cia & thanks Icho.

Cindy said...

That's allrite Mika, you were the birthday boy, and those were your birthday cuppies! And your very most welcome!