Sunday, 29 June 2008

Rose Cuppies for Borra

Baked some cuppies for our neighbour Borra & Budjana who just had their 2nd son born last week, these ones are vanilla with choc chips.

Decorated them with poured fondant and rolled fondant for the roses & leaves, all in white and pastel colours. Sprinkled them with sugar crystals given by Frida for sparkly effects.

When my fingers got numb from rolling too many of these petite flowers I decided to make bigger single rose ones instead of stacking them together as a bouquet.
Borra called later to said thank you for 'the really tasty cakes'.
Hope Deva like them too!


sue said...

lovely cuppies ..the flowers look so beautiful shape. I'm thinking of baking a basketball theme cupcakes for my 3yr nephew...but wondering how to make a basketball topper and fyi i'm not a creative

sandra said...

Too pretty to bite. Lucky friends can enjoy your baking goodies and sugar art.

Cindy said...

Thanks Sandra, but you're being too modest. I have to bite my nails looking at what have you done in your flickr!