Friday, 4 July 2008

Ladybugs & Roses Cuppies

A box of cuppies as a thank you gift for our friend dr.Joyce.
I've known her from uni back then when we attended the same alma mater. She's a very good and caring doctor, she's the one we count on when one of us get sick, and we often bother her on the most inconvenient hours like Saturday midnight (!!), but she always gets back to us by calling back or replying my text messages.

Can't thanks her enough for all her help.
But at least we can occasionally send her something from our kitchen as she likes my baking goods. It's not Macaroni Schotel this time - but some cupcakes with cute garden theme.

Vanilla & Choc Chip and Chocolate & Choc Chip flavour, all covered in soft pastel green fondant, sprinkled with green sugar crystals for sparkling effect.
Some bright red ladybugs were sunbathing among pink and peach roses, all made of fondant and edible.
It's nothing compares to all the helps dr. Joyce had provided us with, but at least it's something to snack on while she enjoys her weekend holiday, right, Doc?

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