Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Buttercake Cupcake

My second attempt on the simplest buttercake recipe from NCC website, using the muffin tray I bought last month from Edi Majestik. Glad I get this nonstick tray which makes things a lot easier, no need to grease the tray and the cuppies were still able to pop out easily.

Apparently I have to set the temperature lower than what the recipe suggested. This way the cuppies managed to maintain their slightly rounded surface and reached a golden yellowish colour on the top without getting the bottom burned. Yeah! (Otherwise the bottom will already be brown while the top is still pale and sticky - like my first trial.)

Either way Cia always savors them with gusto! * i looovvee cupcake...* (Icho doesn't like cuppies.)

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