Saturday, 14 June 2008

Jonathan Birthday Lolly Cookies

Nathan loves cars.
Auntie Reny wants to surprise him by ordering car shaped cookies for his birthday.
The cookie makes said, she'll find a car shaped cookie cutter. Or better use Cars edible image for perfect car pictures, as the cookie maker felt unsure about drawing cars :)
Luckily Auntie Reny agreed.

with just a little bit of re-editing, the Cars images comes very nicely from Oishii Cake - thanks Yani! So now Nathan can have some nice chocolate and vanilla lolly cookies to share with his schoolmates and cousins on his 4th birthday!

ps. Thank you Papa Cia for helping with the pots, and than you kids for not messing with the cookies during the photo session by the window this morning! Heehee.

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