Friday, 16 January 2009

Liverpool Cake for Attia

Attia's second order was a birthday cake with Liverpool Soccer Club theme.
The picture submitted as a reference had a smaller logo with a boy figurine wearing Liverpool's uniform standing next to it. Unsure of my capability of making a good human figurine, I proposed a much bigger logo with actual details to cover the cake with.
Attia was such a nice client and she agreed to my idea proposal.

So I got my husband to clear up and flip the logo, then printed it on 1:1 scale so I can copy trace it with chocolate. I used red & turqoise colour & yellow & white chocolate.

Working with chocolate is not as easy as it is with royal icing, as chocolate's consistency is very much depends on it's temperature. You make the choc too hot, it goes too runny, and when it get down to room temperature, it stuck on the tip of the piping bag.
I did 4 attempts on drawing the logo, and the 4th one is the best one of lot.

The cake the covered with white fondant, then I put a turqoise band around the bottom, and put the chocolate logo on top of ot.

I sure hope that Attia and her family like the look of the cake and loving its taste!

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