Saturday, 17 January 2009

Car Cookies & Cupcakes for Nick's 2nd Bday

I got an email from Phoenix the other day, wanting to know if I can do some car theme cookies & cupcakes for Nicklaus, her son's 2nd birthday. Phoenix showed me a reference for the car toppers, they were made of fondant, and I think I could do those.
However, it was the cookies I was worry about, as I don't have car cookies cutter, and having asked around, the shape I could get was only the truck shape.

At the end, I didn't get to do the fondant car toppers as I need to get out of town a couple of days before Nick's birthday party, but the cookies were well done, thanks to Nico's t'shirt where I got the car pattern from. Having the handmade pattern cut out on cardboard, I knife traced through the dough for the specific car shape.

I am loving the beetle cars, they come in bright colours and Phoenix told me the cookies were a hit!

Several days later Phoenix text message me, for another batch of the same car cookies, some on sticks, and some cupcakes for Nick to share at school.

The cuppies were individually packed in clear plastic packaging, topper with whipped cream and matching car toppers made of coloured chocolates.

ps. I'll upload teh cuppies photos once transferred from the cam.

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