Friday, 16 January 2009

Lucy's Chocolate Cake with Ganache & Fruits

Just in the mood for some sweet treats, Lucy called and placed an order for some premium chocolate cuppies. A second later she made a change of plan, and wanted a a bigger cake instead of many cuppies.

This would actually my first commercial cake, so I told Lucy I will only do the big cake if she wouldn't mind the flaws. She said imperfections are OK, she's more after the taste rather than the look :D This gave me an easy to go ahead with the project.

20 cm
in diameter, the 3 layerred premium choc cake with chocolate ganache filling in betweens, covered again in ganache and decorated with fruits to balance the sweetness.

The chocolate crown was added for a special touch...
At the end, I was quite pleased with how things worked out.


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