Friday, 16 January 2009

Apple Cake for Karen 2nd Bday

Rika, my cousin told me that she wants me to make her daughter Karen a cake for her 2nd bday last December 16th.
After some discussion we decided that a cake in a shape of a red apple would be the nicest choice. Apple is one of Karen most favourite things besides Mickey Mouse and horse.

Can not forgive myself for not having a better picture of the cake, I'll be looking forward to get more - beter pictures from Rika :)
The cake itself is 3 layered chocolate sponge with blueberry filling to give it a nice twang.
Carved and covered with fondant, it was 20cm in diameter.

I think Karen was quite excited to see her Apple Cake, as she kept poking on it, and after the candle blowing, she took Nico's finger and got him to poke the cake, too!

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