Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Pororo & Cars Cupcake for Gonza

Gonza is 7 and his Mom, Oong ordered some cuppies to share with friends on his birthday.

Gonza is into cars, so some racing cars with number 7 on it, a VW Combi and a Beetle for the boys ...

And some Pororo and all his friends...
I find Crong rather cute!


Corine! said...

Hello, My name is corine. I hope to be a pastery chef someday, and i find your blog to be very nice. anyways, i was wondering if you use fondont? (not sure about the spelling!) because, i heard it tastes bad.

Cindy said...

Hi Corine, thanks :)

Yes these are made of fondant, I am not sure about what you mean by 'taste bad', it's made of icing sugar and glycerin which are all sugar products. So i think they tastes just like sugar paste - candy - marzipan, you name it :)

However, different brand has their different flavor/scent, I use Fondx and never had any complain although some people says it's too sweet.
But it's all sugar :)