Sunday, 14 June 2009

Edita's Animal & Flowers Cupcakes

Edita picked this cupcake set herself & brought them back to Bandung to share with her family on her birthday. I gladly met her requirement of using as little colouring as possible, albeit I only use food grade colouring.

So here is the pastel coloured set, I picked mint green & soft purple just because I like the elegant combination, and hoped Edita like it, too!

She told me later her 3 kids were after this puppy dog cupcake...

Lucky their mother's fave is this rose bouquet, she didn't have to fight over the puppy dog one with the kids! :D
p.s. Happy Bday, Edita!


Keluarga Cinta said...

Ya ampuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn...cantik banget, Cin !!


Cindy said...

thank you hanna... * makasih juga sudah mampir heheh...*

ice tea: sugar high said...

Omigawd... I just love love love all your creations..

imut2 banget!

Cindy said...

Icetea-asti, thank you!