Thursday, 23 April 2009

Alicia's 4th Bday with Strawberry Shortcake

Alicia was very consistent (and persistent) on what she wanted for her 4th birthday, it was Strawberry Shortcake theme from the very beginning to the last minute...

So her Mum tried to create something special for her, a first attempt on making a two tiered cake, fully covered by fondant icing.

Judging by the awed look the moment she laid eyes on the cake & its figurine, and by the large grin on her face while her friends sang Happy Birthday song for her in the class, I could safely say the cake was a success from her point of view, too!

The theme colours were taken from the character itself: pink, lime green, and white.

All the way through her cake, cupcakes, and lunch box goodie bag for Cia's classmates to bring home with.

Pink & lime green buttercream on chocolate cupcakes, topped with cute edible images from Aunty Ike... Strawberry Shortcake for the girls & Huckleberry Pie for the boys.

All put in a clear container, accompanied with pink & green layered milk pudding, single serving of baked macaroni & cheese, plus a box of juice. Healthy snacks!

Wishing Cia the best birthday ever, with lots of hugs hugs and kiss kiss!!


Nikki said...

Brilliant! Alicia and her friends are very lucky :) I love the favour box

Cindy said...

Thanks Nikki!
Always good to hear from you :)